Reading Reflection: THE MASTER PLAN OF EVANGELISM (Robert E. Coleman)

Originally posted on TRANSFORMISI:
Membaca buku yang pernah dibaca pada waktu lampau terasa seperti mengunjungi teman lama. Menelusuri kembali kalimat-kalimat yang merentang pemikiran dan mengubahkan pandangan seperti mempercakapkan perjalanan yang sudah dilalui sejak terakhir kali bertemu. Setidaknya itu yang saya rasakan ketika membaca ulang The Master Plan of Evangelism (Robert E. Coleman). Buku ini pernah…

Project 1YP


The past 366 days of a 20-year-old’s life, captured in a 366-lined poem that is crafted with God-given perseverance and diligence over an entire year. Written and finished only by the grace of the Lord.

This is Project 1YP, Project 1-Year-Poet. Continue reading


A poem I made for my creative writing class and also a fictional answer to the real question I have heard repeatedly, “Why do you not have a (sur)name?”

My original draft has spacing between certain lines that is meant to emphasize the meaning, but since WordPress does not allow it, I used bold and italic functions to indicate the original line breaks. Continue reading

No Longer A Mystery

For this I never stop being grateful: that when I am full of doubts and worry, you never stop reminding me about your unyielding commitment and love. Ever since your courageous act to fight against all despair, I know that you have invoked what the disaster had buried under the rubbles: hope. And not only … Continue reading


My beloved lady, do you remember our first meeting? A fated encounter when we exchanged our gazes? I looked into your eyes and saw your warm smile. As if struck by lightning, I know since then that the light of day has filled a dark void in me; a new dawning.