Project 1YP


The past 366 days of a 20-year-old’s life, captured in a 366-lined poem that is crafted with God-given perseverance and diligence over an entire year. Written and finished only by the grace of the Lord.

This is Project 1YP, Project 1-Year-Poet. Continue reading



A poem I made for my creative writing class and also a fictional answer to the real question I have heard repeatedly, “Why do you not have a (sur)name?”

My original draft has spacing between certain lines that is meant to emphasize the meaning, but since WordPress does not allow it, I used bold and italic functions to indicate the original line breaks. Continue reading

No Longer A Mystery

For this I never stop being grateful: that when I am full of doubts and worry, you never stop reminding me about your unyielding commitment and love. Ever since your courageous act to fight against all despair, I know that you have invoked what the disaster had buried under the rubbles: hope. And not only … Continue reading


My beloved lady, do you remember our first meeting? A fated encounter when we exchanged our gazes? I looked into your eyes and saw your warm smile. As if struck by lightning, I know since then that the light of day has filled a dark void in me; a new dawning.

A Last Heaven on Earth

A Last Heaven on Earth

When we settled with the folklore that bases Nirwata: A Musical, Irfan and I wrote a premise to get a grasp of how the script would take form. Personally, I am surprised how the story has since departed and evolved from our original idea. In the context of student production, I cannot be more satisfied with what our take of the folklore has become. And now that it has ended, I would like to share with you our original idea of the Jayaprana-Layonsari tale. Enjoy the story! Continue reading