Life before Our Eyes: A Reflection towards Ourselves

School holiday was just over. The hated yet craved for old daily activities will resurface, or maybe for some students, they have already come. But, before we sink more into the exhaustion and boringness of our repetitive activities, let us remember some things that we have encountered in this life, in order to find some spirits when we’re in our businesses.
“Have we ever been grateful in the hard yet boring times in this life?” is a right question – or statement – about how we easily lost spirits in activities we’re doing. My guess is that about 75 percents of the readers of this article, including my past self, will say no to the question. Another question appears: “Why?”
Some of us may say ‘they are all too tiring!’ or ‘they are too many to handle’ or ‘boringness causes laziness, so practically I won’t do them’, etc. My past self would say that, but my present self won’t, because during this holiday I’ve learnt some things: the need to be grateful in every situation.
The lesson is that we have to learn that although we can eat much, we can play video games; we can use social media, Internet, smartphones, etc., many other people cannot do them. The poor people or they whose countries are in difficult situations like in Africa; they don’t really have much food to eat. They can’t have joys like we have; they live in FEAR, even the children have to bring rifles or guns to defend themselves from any attacks.
Comparing them to us is slightly impossible, but, contemplating about these things aren’t so bad at all. There’s always a lesson gained through deep thinking.
First of all, these people who live in difficult situations (live in Africa) passing the days of their life in fear, sadness, hardness and exhaustion (more than we can imagine) all the time; while we, though are being stressed almost every day, always have some time to relax and enjoy ourselves. They rarely eat, while we can eat as much as we want any time we want. They bring GUNS everywhere they go, and we don’t bring them everywhere we go.
Can’t you see it? These are reasons why we should be GRATEFUL for what we have today. Even though the things we face are hard and tiring and boring, they bring us to a whole new level of growth, while the difficulties poor people in Africa have made them TRAUMATIZED and PARANOID of life. Over the nights, they always hope that their life may ends so they can separate from the troubles they have to face all days, and not few do suicides.
The only way to change our hard situation is doing it, accepting that these temptations and problems will always make us stronger and never weaker, and there are lots of people who don’t have home, have to bring firing weapons to defend themselves, etc.
Through this article, let us be always grateful, even in difficult times, for we get stronger when our problems get harder.

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