Fablehaven: A Warm Fantasy for All Ages

When you read the title of this review, you must have this thought in your mind, “What kind of fantasy a warm fantasy is?”
Well, it’s not official yet, but I use this term for fiction works that can be read with your whole family or by yourself with the same effect: warmth in your heart’s very deepest corner. And this is what Brandon Mull gives to us in his book series Fablehaven. In this review, I’ll talk about the first book that is also titled Fablehaven.
Fablehaven is actually the second novel Mr. Mull wrote. Before that, he had sent a different novel to his current publisher Aladdin Paperbacks, but it was rejected for an unknown reason. But, Mr. Mull was asked to write another fantasy since his writing was good and he later found himself working on Fablehaven. Later on, this novel is a hit and brings Mr. Mull to reach his fame as The New York Times’s best-selling author.
Fablehaven follows the adventure of Kendra and Seth Sorensen who had to spend their summer in their grandparents’ house because their parents had gone to their second honeymoon. The property was eventually a huge preserve for endangered species which Grandpa Stan and Grandma Ruth ran.
Unfortunately, Kendra and Seth weren’t allowed by Grandpa Stan – Grandma Ruth was going somewhere when they arrived – to explore the jungle and other spots besides the house. Grandpa Stan also set rules that limited their actions, but gave them three keys which Grandpa told them to “See if you can figure out what each unlocks”. Their adventure involving these key led the kids to a sentence found in a locked journal: “Drink the milk.”
This certain milk was put in the garden every morning by Dale, Grandpa’s worker, for the butterflies to drink. Grandpa had told them earlier that the milk was forbidden for them, but because of their curiosity towards the sentence, they drank it anyway. Once drinking it, their eyes were ‘opened’, looking at the fairies, not butterflies.
Right after that, Grandpa Stan told the truth when they were having dinner: he himself and Grandma Ruth were actually the caretaker of Fablehaven, a secret sanctuary for mythical creatures, not for the endangered species as they had been told to.
Kendra and Seth soon encountered some problems dealing with the creatures that dwelled the preserve, and found themselves facing a problem they had never been into. Would they be able to save the preserve and people they love? This thing you have to find out by yourself by having the book!
Why do I recommend this novel? Overall, it is a perfect fantasy with a great plot which tickles your curiosity until its very end, great characters from whom you will learn certain things of what to do and not to do in this life, and the style of language clarifies the story it contains.
Mr. Mull really brings fantasy to its new level. This kind of fantasy is very rare, because it is appropriate for all ages to be read and gives its reader entertainments that can warm up a tired body.
In the end, this is the fantasy for they who are tired of daily business and seek for some refreshments that can bring warmth and happiness into their exhausted mind.

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