A Prayer, for the Dearest Ones

O Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for today. Thanks for the blessings and companionship along the day. I cherished all of them. Thanks for the salvation I receive through you. I know that without You, everything I did was nothing.
Now, here I am with all I am, praying for my dearest ones and the people I care for. Please bless they who are sick so they will find healness in You. Please bless they who are departing tomorrow so they will come back to me without any regress. Please bless they who I care about, for they are Your gifts for me and they make me realize about Your love towards me everyday. Please bless me too, so I can be a person who is able to share Your love with others who need it.
Whatever happen is Your plan, I believe that Your plan is good for me and they who believe in You. Bless us, God, and may Your will is done now and forever. Thy will be done, in the name of Lord Jesus I pray. Amen.

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