Surprised by Joy

In the world of darkness,
In the realm where evil reigns,
The Word of Righteous One incarnates
Redeeming His chosen people.

From His flock of chosen sheeps
The Shepherd chooses a weakest
To tell his story of salvation in Light,
To be the witness of the Bread of Life.

He is surprised by joy,
For the Vine has been leading him
Since he was a boy
In the care of his sire and dam.

They taught him of discipline;
They tutored him of passion;
They educated him of paths of a man;
Then the boy learnt of the redemption in Son of Man.

He grew to be a warrior of Light;
He wears the belt of truth
He has the breastplate of righteousness
He fit his feet with peace’s readiness.

He becomes a warrior of Light;
He grips the shield of faith
He wears the helmet of salvation
He holds words of Lord as his sword.

His parents were against his choices and virtues;
But he keeps walking his path of Light
For he knows the world is bad
Through the words of Spirit.

He strode for eternity, alone
Living a life of servant of God,
Living a life of an apologetic,
Living a life of a bard.

Until the time has arrived;
When the Righteous One comes
To pick up His flock
To punish people for what they did.

The warrior felt alone and sad,
So he wrote of this letter
To tell his parents of his reasons
To be different from the world.

“I thank you father, mother;
For having me realized of this path,
For making me a servant of God
Who will always strive in the path of Light.”

“I am of another world;
I don’t want to be a hypocrite
Whose words don’t fit his actions
Who is filled with hatred and anger.”

“Forgive me if we didn’t see eye to eye,
But when Lord finally comes,
I hope you understand of my reasons
Why I become His warrior of Light.”

The Shephered is satisfied
For His flock understands the meaning of life;
The warrior finds his sire and dam
They are finally agreed and surprised by joy.

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