A Decision – A Resonance of Eragon’s Heart

The silence caught me up
The feeling filled this heart
A question remained,
“Why they are not returned?”

I had waited for ages
Minutes, days and years
All I had spent
For the ‘yes’ I was not sure will come.

Then, after all that had happened,
Why do you still not love me?
Is it really hard to say ‘no’
From the first time I ask?

By the river of memory,
I sat down and tried to forget
All of the dreams, hope and love
But I can’t forget about you!

Now, in the approaching night
I came to a conclusion,
Keep loving you is painful
Yet I will do it

I will open your vaulted heart
Until you see and feel
That all I want is your happiness
How precious you are for me

With renewed hope and heart
With faith and love
I will wait for the time
My feelings are returned

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