When Truth Echoes Inside

There are times in our lives,
When injustice rules over,
When hope is nowhere to find,
When we are drown in the sea of despair

Where is God during those moments?
I did not perceive His presence
I felt only glooms of darkness
Ready to devour me in its jaws

I tried to focus on the Light within,
The Spirit Lord had given,
The Guide in this life,
He who reminds of Lord’s sovereignty

In those moments of turmoil,
A sound echoed inside
The voice of truth,
The breath of life

“I am here always
Can’t you see the light?
The darkness tries its best
To conceal your eyes.”

“You may find your problems hard,
But truth never flees of me.
The Light will outshine the darkness,
And my story of you you will realize.”

The voice silence itself,
Working in me in quiet
To make my eyes open,
To make me understand

That we are easy to forget,
What God has stored inside:
The faith, hope and love,
The guidances of Christ

But, now, again…
Lord shows us the way
Whenever we fall
God will echo us His words

There are times we fail, yes
There are times we forget Him, yes
But Lord encourages us to live in His cares
In the end, faith returns.

“Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” – 1 John 5:5

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