A Reflection before the Senior Year

The following writing you are about to read is an entry from my journal, writ 14th July 2013, my last date of school holiday and also a day before my senior year began. Do enjoy and I hope you feel blessed through this writing! The Lord is with you.


As the senior year approached, I had these feelings and thoughts particular to the period I am facing.
This is my last year in high school and also the school year I began as a Christian. I would have more busyness than ever. How much have I changed? Will I finally be able to do the works God wants me to do in my last year of high school?

I would lie if I say I was not in turmoil. In fact, I was afraid that the progress I had made in God these last six months would be consumed by my own past-self. I was even hesitant that my senior year would be great, considering that I easily slipped to my past-self.

But God reminded me that everything will be under His control through everything I have learnt these past six months, my significant others, and specific readings.

I have learnt things since I entered the church so many I can only name a few like future grace, humility, elder brother lostness, etc., but then again they are all knowledge of God I will need in counting my days. Future grace, for example, reminds to always believe in God and that He will provide me with anything I need in the future, even if now seems hopeless and unfair. I will have my grace in the future.

In the company with my significant others I find the joy – that divine joy given by God – and happiness that give me the strength to do everything and carry on. They help me to grow and to become who I am. It’s a growth I can never find anywhere else except in the company of my brothers and sisters in faith. For their sake, I have to carry on through every obstacle and grow in the shape of our Lord Jesus Christ day by day.

Through today’s Solid Joys reading, I was reminded that my ministry here – for now – as a Christian is to advance other people’s faith and holiness. That’s every Christian’s ministry, and it is my work in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through Multiply’s last chapter of part IV, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness to the humankind and as God has been faithful and restored my relationship with Him in His Son’s blood, I as the representation of God on the world should also restore the broken relationships between me and my so-called enemies.
These are the things that Lord used to remind me of my present-self – the redeemed Jefferson who always seeks to glorify God and do His good works. I believe that the Lord will put in me the strength and persistence to live that present-self until my last breath on this world.

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