Separation for Good

This is an entry from my journal, writ 25th July 2013. Enjoy and may you be blessed! 😀


Today an idea came into my mind as the Christian study time took place in my class.

The teacher had brought in the chapter one of the twelfth grade about being influenced or influencing, and today he assessed about Jesus’s Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. He outlined the points of the commission, and as he explained about the history of this commission.

What stunned my mind was the event in the Acts 8, when the early church – excluding the apostles – was scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. He said that God let this to happen because the early church, with all their joy, had forgotten about the Lord’s Great Commission.

God allowed the death of Stephen, which triggered this event, and literally “kicked” (the original meaning of the word “go” in Matthew 28:19 means literally “go” or “forced to go”) His people out of their comfort zone so that His commission could be remembered and done by the early church.

This action led to a great effect of disciple-making; the one without which I may not know about the Lord Jesus Christ. But God brought this lesson into a wider definition in my mind.

Last Monday, a particular elder sister in faith of mine had gone abroad to continue her education in San Fransisco, and I was troubled with her departure. She is a close fellow of mine and without her I’m afraid that our small group in the youth commission won’t be the same as before.

That was what I thought until I received this message. God was saying to me that I was lost in the shelter the small group had given and forgot the very reason I had this small group: to learn about the disciple-making in Jesus so that I can do it right! I think it’s the very reason my small group’s leader chose “Multiply” for our material; to prepare his siblings in faith in disciple-making and bring what they have learned into actions.

We are then supposed to do His words. Instead, I think the other small group members and I haven’t really done much after seven months. We were lost in the comfort zones with the presence of each other.

So, I reached the conclusion that her departure was not a coincidence. God used it to remind me about the original mission in the small group and to force us to use what we have got into real disciple-making actions so that we can be fruitful in Him.

Yet, despite the separation we (my small group members) are unavoidably facing, I believe that our works in different places will glorify God and in the end, we will be sitting together with God and other believers, sharing stories about how He glorifies His name through us.


That’s my story about how I find the reason behind what has been happening lately. May you be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ! 😀

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