Serving from Overflowing Joy

This quote is for any Christian leader in the world, taken from John Piper’s “Ask Pastor John” podcast episode “The Art of Motivation”.

People don’t get excited about burdens being laid on their back, they get excited about a burden-lifter. They get excited about a God infinitely worthy of their allegiance and their worship. So my counsel is, put very little emphasis on programs in the church. Rather, put a huge emphasis on heralding and exulting over the greatness of God, the unsearchable riches of Christ, the glories of our salvation, the wonders of the Bible, and weave into that a life of prayer for your people that God would give them a taste for this glory so that they don’t feel forced. You don’t want service because you have twisted their arm into it. You want service that is overflowing out of joy in God.” – John Piper

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