A Conversation with God, Part One

This is a poem I made a few months ago. You may find it does not rhyme, as I intended not to and planned it to be more like what I called “modern poem”. I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for Part Two! 😀


In the twilight of the evening,

in the ruins of a battle

of the war I have been fighting in,

I found God on His saddle

robed in His glory and power

that my unholy being could

not stand in His mighty presence.

I would ask, “Where have You been?”

And He would answer, “I have been here.”

I would ask again, impatiently,

“Where were You?”

And He would answer again, patiently,

“I was here.”

I shouted, desperate,

“I was there fighting, Lord,

and I found You were not there.”

This time, say nothing He did,

but He looked me in the eyes,

and I watched the memories

of the moments when

I faced my opponents in my front

as His mighty hands protected

every essence of my being

and my beloved people who were waiting

for their friend, family, and brother

to embrace His path in God:

the battle for joy and Lord;

of the moments when

I swung my sword

and I remembered

that my strength was not mine

as they were given by God;

of the moments when

my enemies overcame me

and prepared they were

to strike the final blow,

but they fell like chopped trees

as God shot them in their hind

with His might words from afar;

of the moments when

I was not even able to lift a finger

and death was welcoming me as his

in the midst of the war –

and suddenly I was full of power

as God has defeated death

and now I am His;

of the preparations I had made

and the armours and arms I wore

as they all came from the Lord

so do all that I am and have;

of the triumphant moments

over the dull sting of sins –

He named me “victory”

as He made it mine; yet

the last important moment

was the last I perceived

that He has sacrificed Himself

to save a wretched like me

and call me such names:

“son”, “brother”, and “family”.

I am His enemy no more

for He has given me the grace

to save me from wrath and doom.

As my vision of Him returned,

I saw Him in my front,

holding my weary shoulders.

Smiling, He asked, “And what are

you trying to say, my son?”

Embracing Him, I replied,

“My Lord, my Strength, my Song,

my Salvation, my Joy, my Light,

You found me.”


Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, and give thanks to His name! – Psalm 97:12

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