A Conversation with God, Part Two

In the twilight of the evening,
in the ruins of a battle,
I found one of my sons
lying on the ground,
exhausted of his fights
of the war in this world.
As he stood up,
he asked me, “Where have You been?”
I would answer, “I have been here. ”
He would ask again, impatiently, “Where were You?”
And I would answer gain, “I was here.”
He ahouted, “I was fighting, Lord,
and I found You were not there.”
I said nothing,
looked in his eyes, instead.
Then, I reminded him about
My presence in his life.
of the moments whem
he faced his opponents in his front
and I had him covered;
for I will never let him alone
neither I to they who wait for my son
for I am with them to the end of age,
to they who walk on My path,
to they who cry out for the LORD.
Of the moments when
he made use of his sword
that I had given to him
when to Me he had succumbed
and acknowledged Me “Master”.
Of the moments when
his enemies seemed to overcome him;
for I am the owner of every life;
death nwill not conquer My people
as it never defeat Me,
and Mine is not its to possess.
Of the moments when
my son drowned to his fall
and he seemed to lose faith;
but I am myself the LORD,
He who wounds and heals
to discipline His beloved children
that they may become like Jesus,
My Beloved Child and My Exalted Son;
for the healthy needs not doctor
and only the woundeds can serve.
I reminded him of
every moment of his life
that never escapes My master plan.
“Everything happens for a cause,”
Yes, but they are mine to answer.
The love I give, then,
lives out to its uttermost
when the blood of My Son was poured
that the people return to Me,
to the union with the Living God,
to believe and to obey
’till the day I return
to reclaim My creations
and to finalize the righteous’ adoptions.
K held his shoulders,
filling him with My joy
and strength to his side.
The remembrance was enough
as he recovered back;
for Mybdesitn is perfect,
and My reign endures forevermore.

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, and give thanks to His name! – Psalm 97:12

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