Love: Eros

For the future spouse. A poem. The first Moonlight rhyme.

See her with delight,

but I am also surprised

to see the woman before me,

my partner given by Thee.

See her in her eyes,

cheerful and bright is her face;

seeing her gaze is enough

to make me fall in love.

See her in her works,

I could not help to not be amazed,

for she thinks not about herself,

but is always thoughtful of whom she serves.

See her with her friends,

happy and jolly are her expressions.

She is one among honored mistresses

as she cares for her companions.

See her in ministry,

doing it all for God’s glory.

She wants to make all people

know of God and His entire self

for she understands what God commands

to make disciples of all nations.

See her on her knees

as she closes the day with prayers.

Her voice soft and soothing;

the mouth praises God for everything

that she has been given.

With a sentence she ends her orison,

“In my life, let Thy will be done. Amen!”

Eventually, I see her across the altar.

Now, my dream seems not so far,

for the Lord will allow everything

to happen in its time to be living.

An excellent wife who can find? She is more precious than jewels – Proverbs 31:10

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