The Prayer of a Fiery Heart

A poem. A prayer. For remembrance.

I was once in a dark, cold place.
My words were sharp as blades;
my thoughts were vain and futile;
my mind schemed about things vile.
The worst of all would be my heart:
my center was stoney hard.
Long I walked on the wrong path
until I was caught by His might:
The Lord, King, Savior, God;
He who has stood by my side.
He put in me a new heart
To obey His commands that
bring me to the Life and light.
He restored my desires
and directed my heart to the
direction it should look to:
Jesus Himself, that my joy
would come the fullest and uttermost.
The fire within me is not
from myself, but from He who
died on the cross for His people
and raised again on the third day;
He who bears the Mark of Jonah.
The charcoals I have been
trying to burn are wet.
But, our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name!
Let they whom I serve
see the sparks of pyre that
originate from You!
Let they feel the warmth from
the flame that I carry!
Let they be burnt by You,
O God Trinity, the Lord of all,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
to become hearths for others,
as You have done to me
on that decisive hour
during the moment I repented.
My fire is cold and weak
and its flame will surely fail
when I try to burn myself
without You who reigns over me.
But my Lord who satisfies my thirst
will guard our hearts until He comes again.

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