But Do You Know?

A reflection of Good Friday, writ 3/4/2015.


What is the meaning of death?

An end, it definitely is.

That last moment we breath

reaching it, is there any bliss?

In poverty and pain and loneliness

we might come to our ends.

Swords that pierce hearts

or to fall by bullets.

But do you know

a worse way to die from a bow?

But do you know

the most reviled death of all?

It is to be hung on a tree

from below rejected by earth;

above, denied by heaven,

that you have nowhere else to go,

not even the realm of death.

But do you know

that this is the death we deserve?

But do you know

that we are the most pitiable of all?

But do you know

that we should have been mocked,

rejected, afflicted, oppressed,

hung, crushed, and judged?

O, how desperate we are!

For we do not know we are so.

We are blinded by our sins;

We make the Lord our enemy.

But do you know

that Someone has replaced us

and born all punishments deserved,

and transgressions made?

But do you know

that through the most despised death

of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord,

God has called us to be His people

and bring His glory and His kingdom

to all ends of the earth?

But do you know

that Jesus is our only way out

from our blindness to be able

to see God, the only Person good for us?

Through His wounds we are healed;

by His death our sins forgiven;

by His sacrifice we gain sonships

and by His resurrection we are raised.

But do you know

that God did not spare His only Son

to give us everything?

But do you know,

that in the end only God matters?

and that the true glory belongs to the Lord?

Now you know, and,

there is no escape from the Truth.

Accept the Truth, and God will set you free.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

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