A Conjectural Convergence

For she who went away and returns. A poem. A song of Arsus. The second Moonlight rhyme.

Writ 17/8/2015.

Long time ago in my past

God had designed a special occasion;

that I would have oblivious encounters,

let alone considered them in mind.

For there she was, sitting in the porch

with a book on her lap.

And I was present, passing her I marched

with evil thoughts swarming about my cap.

While in darkness’s embrace I hid,

as in my youth I felt outside,

she was inside the crowd,

lost not but had herself collected.

Then she left

to chase the dreams God gave

whereas my ambitions were left dead

only to be raised again, now brave.

For with her departure came

our Lord into my life;

a child of Light I have become

and into His bliss and peace He let me dive.

Summers would pass, winters blew their gale

to take us where we are, closer yet further,

reminsicing all the times passed and spent;

about never realizing each’s presence

and being lost in God all this time,

though I had not inherited

what you have since your birth

during our silent encounters back then.

Now that you have returned,

all the distant, familiar feelings surged.

Yet I keep reminding myself

about all passions and callings

that God has put inside my core.

You have yours as well, the flames,

and different they be as we are,

if God has said His decrees,

nothing can stop His plans.

And this is His design for man and woman:

that through each other

they may see His glory revealed, adoring Him more,

and eventually be with Him in joy.

The beauty of the night falls upon the sky,

and love, see the crescent before us.

May its light shines unto our path, by

which God will show His way for us.

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