“Does God Want Everything?” – A Short Reflection

The book I am currently reading is “Passion and Purity” by Elisabeth Elliot. It tells about the importance of offering our passion and affection to the one we are in love with to God that He may purify it.

I found a very interesting part near the end of chapter five of the book, the title of which I also use for this post. It goes like this,

… But the question to precede all others, which finally determines the course of our lives, is What do I really want? Was it to love what God commands, in the words of the collect, and to desire what He promises? Did I want what I wanted, or did I want what He wanted, no matter what it might cost?

Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone to accept, His Lordship. The Cross, as it enters the love life, will reveal the heart’s truth. My heart, I knew, would be forever a lonely hunter unless settled ‘where true joys are to be found.’

He wants everything from us, including the best from us, that He may use us for His own purpose too.

The question remains, “Do I want what I want, or do I want what He wants, no matter what it might cost?”

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