An Offering of A Whole Heart

A poem; a prayer; a reflection. The third Moonlight rhyme. Writ 20/10/2015.

For you, who have since

driven me to His presence,

that He may purify my desires

and guard my heart from sins;

see how I have gone through hard,

and listen to the words of my heart.

Why are you still there in my mind

was an inquiry I had had since then.

Before the Lord had I knelt on my knees;

mustering up courage, I asked Him of ’tis,

“Is she the one whom for me You choose

or, like all creations, from me also to pass?”

It had been preceded by a statement

that stemmed from my rash frustration,

“If only You exclude me this weight to bear

that I do not have to suffer!”

Then, my predecessors gave me wisdom,

for from our Lord they had received them:

For it is written, for one to be a living sacrifice,

he ought to learn to put in Christ his trust,

surrendering and offering all things,

including those one holds dear most,

and those seemingly to be of all silliest,

that he may be privileged to suffer in big things;

for the eventual reward is His true riches.

For what could we offer to the Lord

if we had nothing in our hold?

The truth woke me up to my senses.

Although inexplicably painful it is,

to grapple with God with all my best

and offer Him back all the matters

with which He had me blessed

is the only way to receive the answers.

For this is the meaning of bearing the cross:

to deny myself from every worldly desire

and turn away from what the worlds offer;

to die every day, that Christ may live in me,

and in every little step I have faith in Thee,

to finally gain the All-Satisfying Trinity

and receive His joy and glory.

Come directly not the answer,

for the Lord works in mysterious ways;

to discern one must patiently gaze in wonder,

and walk closely to His Word and statures.

As I walk with Thee and seek Your answer,

give me Thy joy, that I may persevere

through this path and glorify Lord the Highest,

for no good thing God ever withholds

from those who walk uprightly.

“The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: 

thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever:

forsake not the works of thine own hands.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭138:8‬

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