No Longer A Mystery

For this I never stop being grateful: that when I am full of doubts and worry, you

never stop reminding me about your unyielding commitment and love. Ever since

your courageous act to fight against all despair, I know that you have invoked what

the disaster had buried under the rubbles: hope. And not only that. To my surprise,

when our eyes locked a feeling I had never felt before also woke; that warmth and

bliss only those who have ever fallen in love would understand. It was a mystery

that I seeked to solve with you. But then, the gods brought us apart. You were

chosen as the heir that people grew to adore and believe in. And this girl,

inspired by your action, served at the temple. Who knows that we

would ever meet again? Yet, there you are, speaking the

words of your unfaltering oaths. Once again, those

doubts inside me are cleared.

Now, love’s

no longer a

mystery, for

I’ve learned

its meaning

and its worth

from all those

times we spend together.

Now, with the course of stars set

for both of us, I pray that love stays with us forever.

P. S. “Blade and Chalice” serves as an imaginary dialogue between the two lovers in Nirwata, Jayaprana and Layonsari. The blade represents Jayaprana’s promise to always convince Layonsari about his love for her. The plus sign signifies the first moment they met, that defining encounter that brought them together. Here, in the last part, Layonsari replied to Jayaprana’s promise. I chose blade and chalice because they are ancient symbols of manhood and womanhood.

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