Doubts and Oaths

Note: This is my first writing after Nirwata – my longest and grandest work so far – concluded and was performed about three weeks ago. I submitted this – experimental, personally, as this is my first – poetry to my creative writing class to be reviewed in the workshop, and I was glad that it was received well. At first, I wrote it as a common poem, continuing from an unfinished draft I had written a few months ago. After several lines, I realized that the spacing and line breaks could make a recognizable shape if I put more effort into it. So, I did, and came up with this form.  Enjoy the poem, and tell me if you have an interesting interpretation about it!



not stop


if your doubt

and hesitation

will ever cease

to be. Moreover

mine, for truly I

am only a youth

who’s imperfect,

whose words are

shaky as they can

be. It’s impossible

for them to stand  tall and stay

guard forever. But, let me utter my oaths

again, countless time if I have to, until your

doubt is




P. S. This is the first of the three in a series I call “Blade and Chalice”. Stay tuned to see what these poems really form.


A Conjectural Convergence

For she who went away and returns. A poem. A song of Arsus. The second Moonlight rhyme.

Writ 17/8/2015.

Long time ago in my past

God had designed a special occasion;

that I would have oblivious encounters,

let alone considered them in mind.

For there she was, sitting in the porch

with a book on her lap.

And I was present, passing her I marched

with evil thoughts swarming about my cap.

While in darkness’s embrace I hid,

as in my youth I felt outside,

she was inside the crowd,

lost not but had herself collected.

Then she left

to chase the dreams God gave

whereas my ambitions were left dead

only to be raised again, now brave.

For with her departure came

our Lord into my life;

a child of Light I have become

and into His bliss and peace He let me dive.

Summers would pass, winters blew their gale

to take us where we are, closer yet further,

reminsicing all the times passed and spent;

about never realizing each’s presence

and being lost in God all this time,

though I had not inherited

what you have since your birth

during our silent encounters back then.

Now that you have returned,

all the distant, familiar feelings surged.

Yet I keep reminding myself

about all passions and callings

that God has put inside my core.

You have yours as well, the flames,

and different they be as we are,

if God has said His decrees,

nothing can stop His plans.

And this is His design for man and woman:

that through each other

they may see His glory revealed, adoring Him more,

and eventually be with Him in joy.

The beauty of the night falls upon the sky,

and love, see the crescent before us.

May its light shines unto our path, by

which God will show His way for us.

The New Chapter – Writ 11/11/2014

For the newfound friends. In the face of final exam and during my rite of passage.

A short poem.

A son of words departed;

to the unknown land he went.

Though only for a while he resided,

yet he found his newest chapter already written.

Affectionately he opened the story of his life and read:

“In this foreign place

the LORD adds to my age another year;

with more wisdom He bless.

And for the future burdens I must bear

My God has provided me

with wonderful friends like thee

to stride on the path I must walk,

that I may carry on.

Friend, a battlefield is being prepared.

I do not have anything to be offered

but my prayer to my Father that you may prevail;

that you may finish the race sound and well.”

The episode ended

with these words inscribed.

But the war is yet to start;

towards it the son and his newfound friends march.

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A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17

Waiting for the Lord

For the people who are waiting. A poem. Writ 26/3/2014.

Where should I go from here?

The path beyond me is not clear.

How I got to my place now

is because of the seed that I sow,

but not me who made it grow.

I am just someone who bow

to He who owns everything;

the Lord since the beginning.

O Father, I need Your help!

In my frustration I yelp

for I do not know where to go

nor what I should do.

I am impatient like fire

that consumes everything in its pyre.

O Father, reveal Your will!

that I may know how to be still

until my future unravels

that I can walk my travels.

Teach me Your way

on the path, that I would not go astray;

set my heart and soul on Your end

that I may prevail, unbent.

Lord, give me patience

to see Your grace,

to perceive Your miraculous plan

on me that is being done.

I will wait for the Lord

and in Him I shall keep hope.

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope 

Psalm 130:5

Love: Eros

For the future spouse. A poem. The first Moonlight rhyme.

See her with delight,

but I am also surprised

to see the woman before me,

my partner given by Thee.

See her in her eyes,

cheerful and bright is her face;

seeing her gaze is enough

to make me fall in love.

See her in her works,

I could not help to not be amazed,

for she thinks not about herself,

but is always thoughtful of whom she serves.

See her with her friends,

happy and jolly are her expressions.

She is one among honored mistresses

as she cares for her companions.

See her in ministry,

doing it all for God’s glory.

She wants to make all people

know of God and His entire self

for she understands what God commands

to make disciples of all nations.

See her on her knees

as she closes the day with prayers.

Her voice soft and soothing;

the mouth praises God for everything

that she has been given.

With a sentence she ends her orison,

“In my life, let Thy will be done. Amen!”

Eventually, I see her across the altar.

Now, my dream seems not so far,

for the Lord will allow everything

to happen in its time to be living.

An excellent wife who can find? She is more precious than jewels – Proverbs 31:10

A Conversation with God, Part Two

In the twilight of the evening,
in the ruins of a battle,
I found one of my sons
lying on the ground,
exhausted of his fights
of the war in this world.
As he stood up,
he asked me, “Where have You been?”
I would answer, “I have been here. ”
He would ask again, impatiently, “Where were You?”
And I would answer gain, “I was here.”
He ahouted, “I was fighting, Lord,
and I found You were not there.”
I said nothing,
looked in his eyes, instead.
Then, I reminded him about
My presence in his life.
of the moments whem
he faced his opponents in his front
and I had him covered;
for I will never let him alone
neither I to they who wait for my son
for I am with them to the end of age,
to they who walk on My path,
to they who cry out for the LORD.
Of the moments when
he made use of his sword
that I had given to him
when to Me he had succumbed
and acknowledged Me “Master”.
Of the moments when
his enemies seemed to overcome him;
for I am the owner of every life;
death nwill not conquer My people
as it never defeat Me,
and Mine is not its to possess.
Of the moments when
my son drowned to his fall
and he seemed to lose faith;
but I am myself the LORD,
He who wounds and heals
to discipline His beloved children
that they may become like Jesus,
My Beloved Child and My Exalted Son;
for the healthy needs not doctor
and only the woundeds can serve.
I reminded him of
every moment of his life
that never escapes My master plan.
“Everything happens for a cause,”
Yes, but they are mine to answer.
The love I give, then,
lives out to its uttermost
when the blood of My Son was poured
that the people return to Me,
to the union with the Living God,
to believe and to obey
’till the day I return
to reclaim My creations
and to finalize the righteous’ adoptions.
K held his shoulders,
filling him with My joy
and strength to his side.
The remembrance was enough
as he recovered back;
for Mybdesitn is perfect,
and My reign endures forevermore.

Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, and give thanks to His name! – Psalm 97:12