Doubts and Oaths

Note: This is my first writing after Nirwata – my longest and grandest work so far – concluded and was performed about three weeks ago. I submitted this – experimental, personally, as this is my first – poetry to my creative writing class to be reviewed in the workshop, and I was glad that it was received well. At first, I wrote it as a common poem, continuing from an unfinished draft I had written a few months ago. After several lines, I realized that the spacing and line breaks could make a recognizable shape if I put more effort into it. So, I did, and came up with this form.  Enjoy the poem, and tell me if you have an interesting interpretation about it!



not stop


if your doubt

and hesitation

will ever cease

to be. Moreover

mine, for truly I

am only a youth

who’s imperfect,

whose words are

shaky as they can

be. It’s impossible

for them to stand  tall and stay

guard forever. But, let me utter my oaths

again, countless time if I have to, until your

doubt is




P. S. This is the first of the three in a series I call “Blade and Chalice”. Stay tuned to see what these poems really form.