The One Road to Home

A  reflection, a contemplation. Writ 27th March 2016.

Home; I was not there.
Nights had gone silent,
days had been dark, and
the world was ignorant
for souls who did not fit.

Home; I was not welcomed.
The entrance had been shut,
the gatekeepers were proud, and
the servants served themselves
as if the Master had not lived there.

Home; I stumbled and crashed.
“Why do we keep falling on
this road we walk?”
My friends had abandoned me;
I was offered to despondency.

Home; He opens my eyes.
The Living Word finds me
and brings the dead back to life.
Filled with His Spirit,
I return to the race.

Home; I begin my pilgrimage.
The Light that was surrounded
by the consuming void of gloom
shines its warmth, at first faint,
and gives me hope again.

Home; here is never mine.
How foolish and vain to
search our end on this plane,
for everything is only a shadow
of the things yet to come.

Home; I will arrive there.
He who has saved me
will not let go, not even once.
Of His steadfastness I will sing,
in His presence I shall be;
with my adelphoi, my Friends,
around the table of the King.

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